Everything to do with amd, athlon, sempron etc

I am creating this thread for all the people using amd out there,,whether to share information, or those who have problems with amd, motherboard availability, price in pakistan issues, availability, etc etc

I have searched the net and i was unable to find this info so iam posting this here..

shops dealing in amd motherboard/ processor karachi, pakistan.


--shing tech inc 5824561, 5824562 5867934, sales center techno citi 2nd floor karachi opp unicentre (they have shops in islamabad and lahore as well

--reliant int. 29-30 unicentre karachi 021-2416534 (both in pro and mobo)

--new bilal computer round floor naz digial plaza shop 242 ma jinnad road karachi, 021 2239332 (both in pro and mobo)

--amtech 021-2294384 0300-2019798 naz digial plaza shop g 268 ma jinnad road karachi

(both in pro and mobo)

--brian computer naz digial plaza shop g 10 ma jinnad road karachi

(both in pro and mobo) 03332152375

--f-one --shop no f89 ist floor regal trade square regal chowk sadar karachi 021-2768128

(both in pro and mobo)

Even though intel processors are faster, if it wasnt for amd.. intel would be overcharging so much for their processors... a smaler cache core2duo would be like 15000 rs,,i like to promote competition in the market to keep things even..

Tips on using amd in pakistan

--do not use cheap ps with amd systems...amd systems will give you problems..use amd certified or intel certified ps's which work for amd

--buy computer casing which has one intake and one outake fan at least to keep air flowing smoothly

--use amd cool and quiet to keep things cool in amd system for our weather in pakistan..keep heatsink fan clean of dust

--try to avoid using 3rd party fans heatsinks for amd processors,,if u dont know what you r doing,,amd pro will give you problems

--use a paste when using 2nd hand amd pro which are notorious for giving out s lot of heat

anybody like to add anything...feel free


dude SHING TECH dont deal in amd at all.....

ahm,, I just bought a asus amd mobo from them 2 weeks ago,,they also have amd pro fans and power supplies

i need AMD Athlon 64 X2 socket 939 CPU!!!!!

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i need AMD Athlon 64 X2 socket 939 CPU!!!

939 X2s are pretty rare these days