Even ‘Rescue 1122’ staff not spared on 1st April

Even 'Rescue 1122' staff not spared

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Rizwan Ehsan Ali


Pranksters did not spare even the 'Rescue 1122' staffers as they received more than 300 hoax calls on Tuesday in connection with April Fool's Day.

"We received around 508 calls until 3 p.m., but well over 300 were hoax," a 'Rescue 1122' official told 'The News.'

The April Fool's Day began at the 'Rescue 1122' office at Chandni Chowk with a hoax call. The caller claimed that a heavy truck had hit a motorcyclist in Ganjmandi and the motorcyclist had been badly injured.

"After receiving the call, we called back at the number to recheck and the caller insisted that there was an accident in Ganjmandi," the "Rescue 1122' official said.

However when an ambulance was sent there, there was no such accident in Ganjmandi.

A caller from Committee Chowk informed 'Rescue 1122' that a building had caught fire and he could see the fire right in front of him. When the rescue official inquired more about the fire, the caller said: "Don't you know today is April Fool's Day."

A man from Sadiqabad made a similar call and informed the 'Rescue 1122' that there was a big fire in Bilal Plaza at transformer Chowk. The man was quite confident and the rescuers had no option but to believe that it was not a hoax call.

"Even then we were not sure whether the caller was telling the truth or not. We moved an ambulance to check whether there was a fire. When it reached the spot, there was no fire at Bilal Plaza," the telephone operator at 'Rescue 1122' said.

In another incident, two girls called up in the morning and reported that there was a fatal accident in Westridge and they should move an ambulance. "They simply hung up the phone soon after giving the information," the operator said.

"We called back at the same number from where somebody told us that no call was made from their telephone set," he added.

Since the emergency service was launched in late August last year, a large number of calls are being received at the 'Rescue 1122' offices in Rawalpindi.

"Mothers call us and ask us to talk to their children," 'Rescue 1122' officials said.

Telephone calls to 'Rescue 1122' are free and perhaps that's one of the reasons that residents of Rawalpindi misuse this facility.

"At the moment, we can't block numbers despite the fact that we have a hi-tech system through which we can scan the history of hoax calls easily," another official of 'Rescue 1122' told 'The News'.

One of the ways to block these fake callers is that there should be charges for calling 1122 number while some believe that it would serve no purpose.

"If someone is in real emergency and has no credit in his mobile phone, how could he contact 'Rescue 1122'," they argue.

But then is it fair if a caller dials 1122 and asks: "Have you celebrated April Fool's Day or not?"

Source: http://www.thenews.com.pk/daily_detail.asp?id=104462


Disgusting and reprehensible acts by the common citizens. It is these very people who are halting the true progress of the country; for whom every single thing is a joke. :mad:

Who knows how many people had to suffer due to 1122 staff being spread thin because of these pranksters.

I advocate a fine of Rs.50,000 to Rs.100,000 on these scums of the Earth alongside a minor jail sentence.

Britain's worst hoax caller jailed for four years

A man who made more than a dozen hoax calls to the emergency services has been jailed for four years...



these people should be jailed for life, playing with life-critical services, these ppl can even cause delay in help for some legit accident etc. i hate it when ppl find such things funny. is an ambulance service to be made fun of?

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Britain’s worst hoax caller jailed for four years

A man who made more than a dozen hoax calls to the emergency services has been jailed for four years…




This is excellent! Similar measures need to be taken in Pakistan.

Says a lot about these peoples 'sense of humor'...

That's a deplorable act and I can't believe such unethical acts were carried out. They all should at least be fined.

I can't understand how a prank call equal to "joke"? I had witness lots of people laughing when sharing recorded prank calls (usually to cellphone companies' customer services) and people laugh like it's the most comedic material. This behavior is simply out of my understanding. Maybe I am not suppose to understand.

I frown on when someone in-front of me, try to show recorded prank call but in-return I get treatment like "you don't have sense of humor".

That's the level of "joke" in Pakistan to make prank calls to rescue services? There is nothing wrong in 1st April. I also don't think that it clashes with Islam. However, people who made prank calls or other stupid stunt as "joke" are surely not only against ethics but also against Islam. Yes, such jokes falls under the category of sin against Hakook-al-Abad.

May Allah punishes all of them in Hell. They must rotten in Hell for rest of time.

Fe-Aman Allah.

This is just sick. Very disappointing.