Evaluate Yourself? by dogarsahab why closed?

further to this thread


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Yes I locked it. This seems unnecessary for this forum.

do you mind to explain this please as i seen before you dont like some one talking about religion.


i didnt get that too..

i posted it on GENERAL DISCUSSION forum!!!!but even then.....

even I tried not to include so much of a religion!!!

here MODERATORS rule:|

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further to this thread


do you mind to explain this please as i seen before you dont like some one talking about religion.


this is not decipherable reason!!!

yes i m just waiting for sah to come and explain himself and i seen his post before where he/she expressed himself like not to talk about religion.

even it's ok..we shouldnt speak so much of a religion as it creates CONTROVERSY..so better to remain away from it!!!

but I dont think so there was anything in my topic which could create controversy....!!!!

simple topic required simple answer!!!

here we again.. flatback bhai why you want to talk religion in purely tech forum, once its was locked then it was locked for a reason. you are unnecessarily engaging people with arguments.

if yuo want to gain islamic knowledge or give isalmic knowledge you can try below some forums




or you can see list in google search


this is a tech or tech related forum.

but KUDOS..

it was a general thing..

not argumentative....

I am also against argumenatative religious topics!!!!

yar may be bcuz its a tech forum and the thread was not related to tech

^ i agree with sah on your previous thread that it was unnecessary and kindergarten 2+2+1+1 etc, come on man every muslim know practicing or non practicing what basic islam is, please use appropriate forum for this, i have already given you links above, case closed as far i am concerned.

Calling out members in posts is rude. Send an email if you have any queries on why the thread was closed.

Well since this thread has already been created I'll just answer your question. Yes I closed it. I don't have anything against religion, but its just better to stay away from topics dealing solely with religion on this forum. It starts debates/discussions/arguments which keep growing in intensity but never actually reach any conclusion. People start to get angry over minor things like the words another member used in his posts, or would misinterpret a post and fly off the handle in a fit of anger.

This is a tech forum, although we allow general discussions, there are topics which are better left untouched. That is my reason for closing the thread and that is why I said it was unnecessary. I hope I made myself clear.