Error installing opera mobile

i am trying to install opera mobile on my e63 set but getting "Update error" message. plz help.

You need to uninstall the old opera mini, The new opera mini for s60 gives the update error if the old version is still installed

After uninstalling opera mini install directly from the wap site using the mobile browser, Make sure no opera or any other application is running in the background.

I installed opera mobile some time ago. It was working well. Few days ago I restored factory default setting and formated SD card. So I thought it was uninstalled automatically with factory default settings. Now I am getting said error message when trying to reinstal opera mobile. I cannot not see old opera mobile any where on mobile.

opera ip iz banned by pta. n0 network iz allowing opera mini except z0ng..

@Far4z: It is working perfectly on Telenor.

@OP: I was used to get the same error message a few months back. I only installed it successfully when tried downloading Opera from Now I have Opera5,4 and 3 as well.