Ericsson brings '3G-Taking You Forward Roadshow' in country

LAHORE (May 13 2008): Ericsson's technology and thought leadership in Pakistan Telecom Industry continues to thrive as the 3G - Taking You Forward Roadshow arrives in Lahore and Islamabad. For the first time in Pakistan, telecom stakeholders have the opportunity to experience virtual 3G applications.

Ericsson is playing host to more than 300 representatives from telecom operators, regulators and media of Pakistan. The Roadshow aims at showing the business opportunity for 3G and at creating awareness and simulating richer user experience with mobile broadband.

Ericsson is the first to bring a demo of the 3G concept to Pakistan. A 3G Roadshow is being held featuring the possibilities that 3G can offer via live applications. Over the course of three days at Pakistan National Council of Arts (PNCA) Islamabad, leading players from operators, regulator, government bodies, press and media will participate in the roadshow and be exposed to real time applications. Ericsson will also share the industry trends and regional uptake of mobile broadband.

In addition, Ericsson will also recount its vast experience of helping its customers roll out HSPA networks across the globe with varying focus from coverage to capacity and what operators in Pakistan can learn from the experience. The roadshow also covers all aspects of technology and business that need to be considered and planned for while rolling out a mobile broadband network.-PR


i will surely visit if it is available for the general public (which i dont think is gonna happen)