eRepublik - Bringing Risk on the Internet and beyond

We all know the about the Cyber War between India and Pakistan, but it has taken on another form. A war between both nations, where soldiers are dugged down in trenches and politicians running for the 'red button'. ePakistan has been assaulted many times by eIndia on a cyber space most of you don't know about.

ERepublik is a massive online multiplayer strategy game. EPakistan and eIndia have a long history of rivalry dating back to 2007 when Pakistan controlled India and to August 2009, February 2010 and May 2010 when India wiped Pakistan off the map.

Pakistan, the like the heart of a sher it is in real life, came back time and time again. Pakistan's currently holding some Indian regions, but India's allies have intervened and saved them. Punjab, Sindh and Khyber-Pukhtoonwa are under, you won't guess it, Chinese occupation. It's an exciting twist to real-life, the Chinese are in the enemy alliance and we're on the fence. It's just damn fun!

ERepublik has lots of oppurtunities, you can become a soldier, politician or entrepneaur. It has a realistic economic system and a fast paced military system. From personnel experience, life in the Military is great, your there in the trenches with your brothers. You attack the enemy, you heart stops. Then your informed you've won. Victory..

Politics is great, you can join or create a new party. Run for congress or even President! Sure we have the stigma of our politicians in real life, but in ePakistan, the common man is the next leader. A few things a President can do:

-Sign Alliance Pacts

-Go to war

-Make Peace


As an entrepneaur you can design your products. You can make many types of products for sale! Lets look at what you can design & sell:

-Rifles, Helicopters, Artillery, Tanks (Yes you can become an arms dealer!)



-You can become an oil baron (or Iron, Wood, Grain baron!)

You pay your workers for their services, you price your product and you sell to your customers. Then you kick back, with a pepsi or two and enjoy the cash!

The Job market, where you employ workers


The Marketplace, where you sell your products.


Pakistan's current situation in eRepublik

India, China (Currently USA puppet), USA hatched a plan. India started fighting us from their regions which we took from them in the recent war with India, China attacked us from the north with heavy USA help. Pakistan's down to Balochistan, Kashmir was attacked today (27/11/10) by China and it looks like Balochistan will too by the US Puppets effectively wiping us off the map..again. We're short of manpower, the game's a lot of fun. Join eRepublik, join the Pakistani Armed and then we'll fight back against the USA/India (puppeteers of China).

It's time to take back our cyber space. EPakistan has been wiped from the map too many times by India. It's time to shake those Indians to their core. In the words of a great man:

"It's time to take the war to the enemy!"




-You can find our national chatrooms here. Be sure to check it out to hang with other ePakistanis and get any help you need!

-You can find help here, be sure to read this following thread for eRepublik daily life

-If you need any help, please ask on the ePakistan forums or the national chat room

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^Nice attempt to save the nation over internet. I played it for 2weeks and i realised i was an IDIOT :)

We should rather spend that time in doing some thing real useful if we are REALLY interested in doing any thing for our nation

[quote=", post:, topic:"]

^Nice attempt to save the nation over internet. I played it for 2weeks and i realised i was an IDIOT :)

Just playing it from the website at face value can be boring, you need to get active as-per-say, politically or join a military branch. The best way to do that is to join our chat (more on that later).

[quote=", post:, topic:"]

We should rather spend that time in doing some thing real useful if we are REALLY interested in doing any thing for our nation

C’mon man it’s only a game. Chill out, relax and have some fun!


Right now situation for ePakistan and Kashmir is really bad in eRepublik. Two players, pak_land and kualkerr control Pakistan through a private army :(

They have sold out Kashmiris to India (they have given India Kashmir). We have decided enough is enough. We have made a movement called "Inqilab-e-Pakistan" and we will be trying to make a democracy and fair rights for all in Pakistan.

I ask you to log into eRepublik again but more importantly to join the movement. We have a chatroom (click here) that we use to communicate. We are also making an army called Fauj-e-Inqilab for our member so that they can fight daily in battles. It's going to be a lot of fun, the game is like real life; you will be given food and weapons to fight daily and be part of the revolution, it'll be lots of fun :D

So just pop into our chat if you want to talk to us, we're small at the moment but we want more people. Click here to go there, also, we have an eCricket tournament that you might like as well :D

P.S: Please post links to your account in this thread so we can help you out with the game! For help you can always contact these people too:

Ahsan Shahbaz


The Revolution (Inqilab) has begun!

Since birth to Day 1,184 of the New World...

Years of freedom..


Our History is full of Heroes who tried their level best to give their 100% for this Pakistan.

on the other hand we will see many who tried their level best to destroy Pakistan by any means.

once I heard from a renowned politician that" Hamare Mulk mein Ghadaroun ki Kami Nahi"


My question is....

If we start from the birth & the personalities of our politicians, soldiers & the time now Day 1,184 of the New World.....

Who can be called Heroes of Pakistan & Why ??

Who can be called Traitors of Pakistan & Why ??

I know here comes a timeless debate and we don’t have time for this stupid thing as we are suffering from this condition because of many useless timeless discussions and there ZERO results.

Wait !!!

Another question …

How can we make a change & why the change is necessary ??

There is just one thing to make a change and that is revolution. Yes it is necessary to rebuild our nation as one of the strongest nations of eWorld. Yes it is necessary to clean up all the mess we have, to give a pure Pakistan to her citizens. Yes it is necessary to show our strength to our enemies. YES it is necessary for the freedom of KASHMIR and YES its the voice of Pakistani youth.






-----Send the people below for access into our secret bunker, help & military unit-------

Ahsan Shahbaz