Engineering And MBA Combo--Does it really work for fine jobs!

Hey guys,

I need little career info. Seeing the job situation in Pakistan at the moment is really frustrating for undergraduates who are about to enter the professional fields.

Right now, I am doing electrical engineering and I realize that gone are the days when electrical engineering was deemed the best profession or envied. There are many engineers who are jobless at the moment(I have got this info from our seniors) or those who are doing jobs are mostly in remote areas(like Saddiqabad etc).

One thing has become crystal clear the sole electrical engineering won't work now, so I am thinking of doing MBA along with it from LUMS. So what do you people suggest..?? Going LUMS after BS in electrical engineering seems to be pretty silly(after all 9.5 lak for MBA in LUMS is not that attractive at all)..

So should I take a plunge..??

Moreover, I have no intention of going abroad at the moment at least for studies!

^ IMO, people have to wait (can go up to 6-7 months), but eventually everyone gets a job; provided you do not show attitude (oh no i am not moving out of home city and/or this job isn't for me, I was born a manager with starting salary of 1 lac).

Some people will get good salaries at start, some people will get lower; some will get hired instantly, some will take 6-7 months; and its just luck, CPGA doesn't matter more, all it requires is luck. But, try not to reject a job for 'abcd' reason.. just be in it.. that experience counts and after 6-7 months you can switch (switch with an experience sitting on your CV).

It's strange that you are saying that people have to move outside Lahore. I remember I could have been *EASILY* appointed in Lahore (a place called me 10 times, right about 1 month after I graduated, even tough I wasn't interested after applying). Somehow I feel, Islamabad and Lahore now have more jobs than Karachi in Electrical/Electronic Engineering.

Here in Karachi, IBA won't allow you to do MBA unless or until you have 2 years experience. Don't know what is the situation in LUMS - but - "IF" you get in it, and have money - I would say, do it!. I don't think anything in LUMS is silly - besides their way famous MBA, even the SSE is pretty awesome - almost all US-PhD faculty, previously headed by Dr. Asad Abidi (Google him). I don't know how things work in MBA (scholarship wise) but a friend of mine and I were promised paid MS or MS-leading-to-PhD - if we decided to join it. I hope they do give out similar things in MBA.

Al tough, I have been a fresh graduate - a most recent one - However, my views might not be so accurate (they are based on testimonies) - as I plan to start my masters abroad (IA) in 2-3 months; so, I didn't pursue job market "at all" - it's pointless to take another deserving guy/gal's seat when I know I am going (sadly, these ethics don't exist in Pakistan - so - I am like a moron, adventurous risk-taker for everyone :P).

PS: Is your core in 'power' side? Just FYI, KESC this year hired so so so so so many (i am sure figure would be like 150 or 200) trainee engineers within 2-3 months of their passing out - starting salary 35K - and after 6 months 55K! (transport, 500 free units, etc).

Tough KESC can't generate electricity and is bankrupt in newspapers; yet, they have so much money for fresh grads (about 10-15k more than average salary). I hope this makes you realize that there are jobs - at places, where you least expect them :P

^well thanks for detailed answer and about your reviews as I really needed reviews by someone who has recently graduated///..

In fact, LUMS also demand 2 year experience but they have mentioned it is NOT compulsory for simple MBA(EMBA definitely requires work experience)...

My motto, do Engg, even for management jobs. I have known too many Executives in various companies who have done Engg, and its surprising to know that for managerial jobs you just need to know basic project management.

^Actually all executive are necessarily MBA's(no matter they have eng. degrees or not). Normally, the executives in tech companies have engineering degrees as well( but MBA is MUST).

As a matter of fact. engineers have to do NOTHING in companies; they just have to manage things. All technical work is done by technicians(however, engineering skills come into practice where R&D is there).