Encryption is going to be Banned in Pakistan

I read this on Slahdot that Pakistan is going to ban encryption, which will mean SSL and even VPN...

The Official document about this is here: PDF

The Experts around the world are concerned that Pakistan does not understand what they are going to do, because this step will make there internet traffic exposed to Hackers, like bank accounts, Government documents etc.

I don't think SSL will be banned. If this happens, I will close my Internet Banking account.


A quote from the Slashdot article linked above:

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Wow, way to make sure your country can never have any outsourcing jobs. No business with a clue would ever set up operations in a country where all traffic has to be open to corporate espionage.

They're going to be in the technological dark ages forever if this persists, vs. following India into the cheap outsourcing market.