Emergency/Medical services in Pakistan

Pls post your experiences regarding emergency and Medical services in Pakistan.

Pretty good with Rescue 1122, Rawalpindi.

Awesome with 1122 sialkot. When a car was hit on daska road. They arrived within 5mins and handled the situation very nicely.

is 1122 in karachi? .. all i see is chippa ambulances everywhere..

Karachi has Edhi and Chippa.

^ Rescue 1122 service was initiated in lahore, by Ch. Pervaiz Ellahi , and it is being spread to the others cities of punjab, not available in rest of provinces yet,

well i dont have any personal experience with them but i witnessed two incidents,

1). once a friend of mine hit his bike in a bus, and lost consciousness, Rescue 1122 people took him to hospital, informed his family, and returned every single belonging which was in his pocket, (an iPhone, and 3-4 thousand rupees)...

2).a car caught fire, 1122's fire fighting truck and an ambulance was there within 5 minutes...

i personally like their skills, they are well trained, and very honest,

well here is Consolidated Report of Emergency Calls and Rescue Operations in Punjab from 1122's official website


in karachi none exist

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Awesome with 1122 sialkot. When a car was hit on daska road. They arrived within 5mins and handled the situation very nicely.

“1122 in Sialkot” the barbaric-beating-to-death-of-two-brothers fame

I guess the 1122 is the leading rescue service (with professionals).

Always saw them on the way with their keen intention.....

PS- Always give way to the rescue teams/vehicles/ambulances

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“1122 in Sialkot” the barbaric-beating-to-death-of-two-brothers fame


That was some nice BULLSHit.

Rescue 1122 is also in Peshawar.

^It was recently launched in Peshawar.

They arrived atleast 15 mins when I had a house fire. Instead of bringing in the fire truck first they bought in the ambulance.

Otherwise I would recommend expanding this service all over Pakistan. People need to be more aware of their services. Recently one of relative died of an heart attack, as 1122 was not called in time, though they reached the spot within 5 mins.

If you have got any emergency, you should immediately call them .

There is a group of volunteer SAR workers: http://dpartsarpakistan.moonfruit.com/

The idea is very good and has application in large cities where common rescue services might have trouble responding in time or where their capacity is stretched thin.

atleast 1122 has proper ambulances. Here the Chipa relies on those suzuki bolan dabbas.. A person 6 ft tall or above like me wont fit in the chipa ambulances :/

^you seem very eager to fit there? :P

So Asad gonna give us training. Am I right?



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Bravo Team is led by Asad Asif, a design engineer and dedicated member. Asad has attended several small and large scale emergencies and responded alongside fellow first responders in the communtiy. Asad has completed the Basic training syllabus and the survival course, he also functions as the teams BLS trainer.


^ Wow... old pic of blood donation at Red Crescent blood donation center. Good times. :)

Hmmm.. maybe when the Central division is properly established, I could pitch in with some courses. ;)

We did train Rescue 1122 folks once in Rawalpindi. I have to appreciate that they were very eager to learn. :)


Two thumbs up from me Asad on fulfilling your civic duty.

on other note, I want little clarification from the OP of this thread that what he/she means by Emergency/Medical services in Pakistan....

1- Do you mean EMS in Hospital?

2- or you mean EMS off hospital premises, i.e, at scene of car accident, medical emergency at somebody's house and so on?

^ I think he meant inside hospitals.

Offtopic: Asad were you feeling "Kutkutariyan" (tickling sensation) :D

^ No. You only feel light headed initially. I have given blood quite a few times so I am used to it and don't feel it much now.