Electronic's Softwares And Simultaions

Dear Fellow Engineers,

For those Under construction Engineers. Please share your experience and opinion regarding Circuit Analysis and simulation using different software. So far I've found Proteus to be an easy and good to start with playing simulation. MATLAB is a bit complicated due to language and programing skills.

Share your experience from the days when you first started working with these. Mixing an NPN with PNP and all that lousy data sheets of 74LSXX ICs.

Matlab or LabView are both the most basic skill set an electrical / electronics engineer should have as well as probably one the most important ones as well. Just my 2 cents.

LTSpice for power circuits. That's pretty much all I use - mostly because I've so far worked in digital. My next board will probably be mixed. For HDL simulation, I use Model-Sim Altera.

I loathe MATLAB and most of other simulation packages, like PSpice/OrCAD.