Electronics Shipping to Pk From Us

I wanted few Electronics Stuff from Us. That Includes Lapto & GPS And Few measurement instruments. Getting good rates from their. Do Any 1 got experience which Such Imports?

Their is some 1 who can send me stuff from their, but I was concerned abt Shipping Charges/Custom Duty Etc. Can Any 1 share me his Experience along with any prefered carrier?

Or If Any 1 Coming From Their , I Can Pay around 60$/Item for bringing the stuff over here.

how to check custom pricing and shipping cost.where to check.reason for importing is to get the item cheaper.other option is that i make them ship to Dubai and bring it in Hand Carry.how about That ? I think since Its Duty free so their would be no Duty on Items sent their.

Unable to get A Exact Quote. !




Laptop computers, notebooks whether or not incorporating multimedia kit.

0% ad val.

Here it says its Zero


If you want to get stuff from US - only way is to bring it yourself or through a relative/friend u trust coming back from there.

As far as i know there is 0% duty on computers and parts.