Electronic Project / DIY experts

A.o.A. Anyone interested in constructing Electronic Projects for FUN / little Pocket money, please share your expertise. I am looking for Electronic Experts for working on projects I design. PLEASE NOTE this is NOT a JOB offer of any kind. I am looking for ppl with good DIY mind to work on Electronic Projects at their on spare time for learning, FUN and a little extra money.

check this out sir


Engr ASad Hameed

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^ Rofl @ BGM!



jalta ha badan :stuck_out_tongue:

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some more


Engr Asad Hameed


I think Asad Bhai can help you with that.

Haha.. Gud .. i guess tht BGM motivates u in ur inventionz :P


I am Asad, you are welcome. You may PM me.

Dear Asad, can you please share more about your skills.

Thank you