Electronic Entertainment Expo 2010

E3 2010 just took place last week and they unveiled a bunch of new products worth discussing. Mainly the 3 big companies obviously dominated the scene: Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.



A new slimmer, smaller and sexier Xbox 360 was revealed


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The new box is crazy sexy in glossy black with touch-sensitive buttons, and Microsoft says it's "whisper quiet," with one large fan instead of two -- the new 45nm chipset undoubtedly generates less heat to begin with. On the features front, it's got integrated 2.4GHz 802.11n WiFi, five USB ports, and 250GB of storage on a removable hard drive, although it's not a standard drive or same drive as the old console, and older Memory Units won't work, either. Upgraders can use a USB-to-Xbox hard drive connector cable to migrate to the new box, however. There's also a "custom Kinect port" on the back that looks like an HTC-style ExtUSB port, and it also seems like the power supply has moved inside the case, which is a welcome change. New Xbox 360 units are shipping to retailers now, with availability expected later this week, and MS conference attendees are actually getting theirs shipped today.

Old Xbox 360 Arcade and Elite will sell for $150 and $250 respectively. When old Xbox 360 arcade is sold out, only then will the new Xbox 360 Arcade be produced, its specs are unknown.

More: http://www.engadget.com/product/new-xbox-360

Project Natal, Microsoft's motion sensing technology, now called Kinect for Xbox 360, was given the launch date of November 4 and a price of $149:


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November 4, Microsoft just confirmed that's the day, and as of now it's looking like a worldwide launch. It will drop with 15 titles:

-Zumba Fitness

-Game Party in Motion


-Kinect Adventures

-The Biggest Loser: Ultimate Workout

-Kinect Joyride

-Kinect Sports

-Adrenalin Misfits

-Deca Sports Collection

-Dance Central

-Dance Masters

-Sonic Free Riders


-EA Sports Active 2.0

-Your Shape: Fitness Evolved


It will connect to current Xbox 360s via USB, but will require its own power supply. New Xbox 360s have a single Kinect port for power and data both. For $400 a bundle will be available for including the $300 Xbox360

More: http://www.engadget.com/product/kinect


Sony PlayStation Move launch is going to launched in September for $99


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Well, Sony didn't waste too much time in announcing the Move details you've been waiting for -- the complete PlayStation Move Sports Champions bundle with the PlayStation Eye, Move and the game will run $99.99, while the Move controller itself will set you back $49.99, and the optional navigation controller is $29.99. Anyone that doesn't already have a PS3 will also be able to pick up a new console bundle containing everything for $399.99. As for a release date, folks in Europe will be able to get their hands on the Move before anyone else on September 15th, but North American gamers won't have to wait too much longer to get theirs -- it'll be available over here on September 19th.

More: http://www.engadget.com/product/playstation-move

PlayStation Plus, the premium version of PlayStation Network was given a price of $50/year or $18/3 months

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And here it is! PlayStation Plus has been announced. As we suspected, the PlayStation Network itself will not change, while power users can upgrade for $50 a year or $18 for three months. And to sweeten the deal, your first three months are free. And what do you get for your hard earned dough? Tons of premium content, including "hundreds of dollars of products" throughout the year, early access to betas, and Qore. Sony is also indicating that Plus subscribers will be able to send voice messages to other gamers to invite them to play, even if they've made the foolish decision to not subscribe to Plus. Naturally, though, they won't be able to reply in kind unless they too pony up the cash.

PlayStation 3 running 3D games was displayed


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There are plenty of opinions to be had on 3D, and while many of the staff at Engadget could take it or leave it, this particular writer is a pretty firm fan of the concept. Notice the word "concept." 3D is hard to pull off well. We've all had to come to grips with the dimming effect of most 3D tech, due to the fact that we're only seeing about half the potential brightness of a display, and 3D gaming presents a whole different ream of problems. Follow after the break as we walk through some of our experiences with the PlayStation 3 in 3D and see if it can measure up to our hopes and dreams for a world with one extra dimension.

More: http://www.engadget.com/2010/06/16/playstation-3-in-3d-impressions-almost-but-not-quite/


Nintedo's new handheld 3DS was shown

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We've been reading about it for what seems like ages, looking over images of the FCC prototype with a magnifying glass, and now Nintendo is showing it off at its E3 press conference. The company that Mario built is trumping up how superior its glasses-free technology is better than others, "a solution that lets you take 3D gaming along with you wherever you go" according to Reggie. The upper screen is surprisingly only 3.5-inches, not the wider that we'd expected. There is a slider on the side that lets you tweak the 3D effect, seemingly enabling you to adjust its depth based on your distance from the screen -- or turn it off entirely. As with the current DS, the bottom is a touchscreen, and is not 3D.

That's what looks to be an analog stick on the side there, as well, that Nintendo is calling a "Slide Pad." There is a gyro, motion sensor, it's compatible with DSi games, and has two cameras enabling 3D photos. Nintendo is also talking up partnerships including Disney, games that are said to be playable today, at the show, with one of the highlights being a new Kid Icarus game which looks quite action-packed to say the least -- and has better graphics than most of the Wii titles Nintendo has shown thus far. Nintendo has mentioned the 3DS will have the "biggest launch support ever" from third party devs, and a 3D Nintendogs should be a huge seller -- if only because it has cats too. Other games include Madden, Ninja Gaiden, Resident Evil, a Batman title, Splinter Cell, and, finally, a Metal Gear Solid entry.

Nintendo is also talking about how the system will seek out WiFi hotspots or other 3DS systems "without you knowing," which sounds a bit ominous, to be honest. Systems can communicate regardless of which games are being played. It can even pull in new DLC directly from other consoles, all without a monthly fee.

Still no release date or price, but Nintendo is showing off two colors, red and blue, and they're said to be playable on the show floor. You can be sure we'll be running there right now.

Update: Complete press release and full list of launch games after the break, including some biggies, like Metal Gear Solid "The Naked Sample," Madden, FIFA, and more!


More: http://www.engadget.com/product/nintendo-3ds

More on E3: http://www.engadget.com/event/e3-2010

and i wonder why apple and google havnt jumped on this bandwagon yet...

^Well, Apple already has a "gaming device" (iPod Touch) according to Steve Jobs but that's just marketing. Google only extends its business, I've rarely seen it venture into something new. Even Android was just to stop the expansion of iOS so they could use it to deliver Ads to cell phones otherwise iAd would easily get a monopoly and hurt Google's business. They could invest in OnLive gaming though (I've read they're making their own MicroConsole).

I'm really interested about the new Xbox 360, I'd really like to hear people's opinions about it.

Pirates are playing a wait and see with the new360 right now....

As for knect and move, I think this will be great for all those who couldnt experience the wii

The new Xbox design is nice, but not that nice that I would spend $50 dollars more on it...if I had a choice I would just go for the old arcade version for $150.

As far all this move/kinect stuff is concerned...well I don't know...I don't think I want to wave my arms around like a lunatic, which is what everybody seems to be doing in the demos...

3D looks interesting, but I don't think either the PS3 or the XBox 360 has enough power to churn out good looking 3D games. Plus whose going to invest in a brand new 3D capable TV? I think I'll wait for next gen before considering 3D :)

PlayStation Plus? I don't care about the extra content much, but I would like to see an improvement in PSN, because in my experience compared to other platforms like Steam and XBL, PSN simply sucks. (The other day PSN had a downtime of more that an hour...I find that unacceptable :P)

^The new Xbox 360 has built-in WiFi which costs $100 as an add-on, also, it has lower power consumption/heat production hence it's less likely to get the RRoD error (BTW, when something goes wrong in this Xbox 360 it's shown by a Red Dot of Death). It consumes half the amount of energy as the original Xbox 360 and 20% less than Jasper when in use and almost 70% less than Jasper when on standby. It's also quieter.

There's a bunch of other improvements too, the complete list can be found here: http://www.engadget.com/2010/06/14/slim-xbox-360-gets-official-at-299-shipping-today-looks-angul/