Electricity from sunlight

There have been few breakthroughs in recent years regarding increasing effeciency of solar cells. sun is the free and forerver source of energy and especially our region is best suited to use sunlight. the gov should have implemented projects but again what m i thinking its pakinstan the gov officials only know to corrupt and eat.

is there a solar solution to the electricity needs of our houses. cause this energy crises will only get worse in coming years. so the people have to get innovative for themselves.

The solar power plant in Jumilla, Murcia, Spain is currently one of the two largest solar energy plant in the world. It produces 20 megawatts with 120,000 PV panels. The solar plant was built over 11 months with 400 people in an area that locals say is perfect since it receives about 300 days of sun a year.

Well brother,

Solar Energy might be the next big thing for developed economies. We are already short of 4000MW of energy. The rapidly changing geopolitical scenarios in the context of raised oil prices dictates only one thing i.e., we have to go for Hydroelectric Power. In the past we have lost too much on the political front. We failed to decide to build any new hydroelectric project since 1970s. By the grace of Allah our country is blessed with hydroelectric potential but we have already buried our strategic advantage in the gloomy grave of politics.

Anyhow, only 150 million Rs. have been allocated in the current budget for developing alternative energy resources. Forget bio fuel and other such hip things.

what about thermal solar power generation - which uses sun light and set of lens to convert it to very intense beam of light - that can be utilized to boil water and thus run turbines - less expensive alternative fuel option?

we should have build a number of dams by now but our stupid politics! Kalabagh ,which would have been the world largest electricity dam got damned by stupid politics. The feasibility report is there for the last 2o years and now we are having 4 hours loadsheding in year 2008 where there is no loadsheding even in bangladesh.

Due to these political problems we should have opt for solar energy as we get stronger sunlight in our region than western countries.At this time although the cost of such a project would be about same than building a dam because of new and chep technologies of high effeciency solar cells. Once its build then its free for a long time as the operating cost is very low.

well SOLAR THERMAL technology is promising, despite this

no new solar thermal power plant has been constructed in the USA for 20 years.

its very sad that indians are way ahead of us in this field too. they r producing more than 7000MW from wind energy alone. we have to take the initiative now. its now or never. rising oil prices and an oil dependent economy will make our produce too expensive to export. situation will hit us even harder in the absence of an efficient transportation system. by the way, our electric locomotives have already spent their useful life and if there is some left we can't arrange cheap electricity to run it.

bio fuel is the hip word these days. countries like brazil have shifted almost half of their dependence from black oil to this in the recent past by developing in house technology. we could hav done so, but the budget allocation to the concerned department in this fiscal year is just 150 million rs. , price of a 01 kanal house in average localities of lahore.

anyhow, furqan u r lucky to get only four hours of power outages. we in lahore are getting six hours of it.