Electrical Earthing / Grounding

I have recently installed a pV Solar setup in my house. The same requires an AC earthing. Can you please recommend the proper way of Electrical earthing. My PV installer is going to send labour for carrying out an earth bore in the coming week. There must be some standard practice governing the installation of an AC earthing electrode in residential buildings. LESCO requires a resistance of 5 Ohms as per their regulation for netmetering setup. How to measure it. In my childhood memory there used to be an earth bore in one of our houses and the electrician visitinv our house used to put water in it every now and then. I remember him saying Qalmi Shora to be used for maintenance of the earth bore.

After bore is made, a metallic plate/item will be attached to earthing wire and placed inside bore. Chemicals will be put in and a pipe to periodically put in water and chemicals, etc. Bore will subsequently be closed.

Find your local LESCO complaint office and talk to linemen there to link you up with their construction crew. All Distribution companies like LESCO, KESC, etc. have to earth their transformers, installations etc. so their staff should be able to tell you how/what they do.