Electric wiring and color codes

Assalam o Alaikum

I dont have much knowledge of electric wiring color codes, therefore a very basic question for you guys.

I want to replace burnt switch of my Dawlance refrigerator. There are three wires [Red Blue Yellow], now my question is that which one will be the earth wire among the Red Blue & Yellow.

Thanks on advance.


Sheikh 'Ta Da!' Chilli

Which switch in fridge?

Look at the back of your fridge, you should find a wiring diagram pasted somewhere.

Thank you all

@Ijaz Ahmed

I should say it is three pin power plug, no diagram available.

So it's a power plug and NOT a switch.

Then yellow wire should be the earth wire.

BTW: Red, Blue and Yellow is a non standard color coding. That's why I had asked about which switch. Usually Brown and Blue are used for Live and Neutral with a green wire for Earth.

Yes, as per Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electrical_wiring

different color combinations are used per country/region, Yellow and Green usually for earth wire.

see the back side of refrigrator, a wire must b connected with body of fridge, see the color,

but yellow is normally used for Earth.