Electric Generator for apartment

i just got myself an apartment and i am single, in case of electric outage thins i want to run are:

1) 1 split AC

2) 1 fridge

3) 6 light bulbs

4) computer system (a computer, 2 lcd monitors, laser printer)

5) LCD TV with dvd palyer

6) and some adapters like, cordless phone, apartment intercom etc

so how much kva would i need for this and i am looking for self starting petrol or diesal generator.

would you kindly help me about brands and prices,

Estimate your load in terms of watts, this can be done by looking at the labels and manuals of your appliances.

Here is a start:

1) If you split is a 1.5 tonne unit, you need to budget around 2400Watts

2) A typical fridge consumes anywhere from 800W to 1500W

3) Light bulbs are rated as is + 10%

4) A desktop computer should be rated at 400W, a LCD monitor at 150W each.

5) Miscellaneous appliances; 300W

If I were to take a rough estimate, I would say you would need at least a 8-10KVa unit which is not cheap :P

I would NOT run my laser printer on a generator, those things draw a ton of electricity to warm up.

There will be a website up soon with all sorts of prices, reviews and sizing tools for generators. Stay tuned; I am on it.

I have a 5 kv Kipor generator, cost me 56,000 but price has certainly gone up bit more lately. It powers a 1.5 ton LG split ac (1800 watts or so) but takes a lot more to start, thats the thing w/appliances. when you turn them on, at that very moment they pull a lot of electricity but after that they settle down at their operating load.

You can check which kind of power supply your computer has and add those watts up... fridge doesnt consume no more than 80 to 400 watts depending on type.

Anyway your best bet is a 5 kv generator regardless of brand because you'll need that much to power ony our split ac and keep it running, and it will also power a tv, lights, fridge, computer, fans etc.

I think it deserves to be noted that generators should NOT be used above 80% of their stated capacity for extended period of times, and when sizing back up power, you should always budget anywhere between 10-20% of capacity.

Good luck.

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4) A desktop computer should be rated at 400W, a LCD monitor at 150W each.

5) Miscellaneous appliances; 300W



Most of the current LCDs (17" - 19") use <50 Watts at max.

Heck, my 17" Dell CRT runs fine on a specified max 85 Watts.

its good if you are just counting DOUBLE the power-requirments for balancing though :)

My 19" Acer LCD uses exactly 36 watts.

you are single why you need 6 light bulbs ?

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you are single why you need 6 light bulbs ?

lolz cant understand what’s the connection between these two

[quote=", post:, topic:"]

lolz cant understand what’s the connection between these two


first of all thanks everybody for your help and as for 6 bulbs, if i am single am i lsuppose to use less bulbs or something?

i have a two bedroom apartment, so one is obviously for sleeping and second one i have turned into study/home office, below is the conservative estimation in case electric is gone then at least 6 light bulbs will be on.

1) two bulbs for study (one for the room and another one for desk lamp)

2) one for the living room

3) one for kitchen

4) one for staircase outside my apartment entrance door

5) and one for bathroom

when you will be watching TV/DVD you wont be printing unless you have put an ebook on print :) similarly if you are not downloading anything your PC should be sleeping as well unless you dont turn off PC.

A thought: when planning backup power, why not replace the Desktop + Monitor with Notebook + Monitor this will take some watts requirement off from the generator

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