Edit the Page Parody Contest

Choose Opera is having a fun parody contest that lets you use a neat Opera extension to easily edit (and make fun of) webpages.

Over at Choose Opera there is a fun contest for people to bust out their sense of humor with the use of a handy Opera extension called "Edit the Page".

You have the chance to win some fun prizes, and have a lot of fun with this.

More at http://my.opera.com/portalnews/blog/edit-the-page-parody-contest

Make some of WeirdPakistan too.

Here mine


am4tl MIA :lol:

lol... im right here :P ...

thats great widget


[quote=", post:, topic:"]

lol… im right here :P

Then you must have been DIA (Dozing In Action).

I have not used this extension but in Firefox people could have done the similar things in FireBug extension!