Edge in rawalpindi

hey guyz..can any body tell me that is there edge service in entire rawalpindi or only in specific areas....and do tell me if zong edge is available in chaklala scheme 3..i will be very thank ful to all of you if you provide me these informations............thanx

Telenor, Mobilink, Ufone and Zong has EDGE in Satellite Town, Murruee Road, Chaklala

Missing Areas: Southern Pindi, Most part of Westers Pindi (Peshawar Road etc)

When I was coming going from Railway station to Islamabad (I don't know the route, but Murree road didn't come on the way), Edge was available on warid at a couple of places I checked. Not sure about detailed coverage though.

Telenor has EDGE in almost every place of Pindi that I've been to. I think Ufone's following suit.

Not sure about Warid, but I'm guessing it's available in many places. Zong... I'm not too sure, but I think it's just some places.