Edge Enabled Mobile Phones Under 5000

Hello brothers i want to buy an edge enabled phone under 5000 from rwp


if a phone is not edge enabled is there any way to use edge on It


no there is no other way to use edge

As far as i know I think you can only buy a "new" chinese (mostly a clone of some nokia etc) that has edge. I had a

Chinese set with edge 1 and half year back and that was around 4500rs that time. Edge worked really good.

You can easily get a "used" non Chinese one with edge. Better check your market.

Leave china stuff man i dont trust china tell me what edge phone you people are using.I am using K800 By Se but No edge

Man Nokia 6080 is the best i could find for u(with EDGE).You can buy a new one in around 5400 RS.

To check the price and features visit


Normally the price in market is a little less then what given on the website.

BTW I'm using Nokia 6120c.


I've checked again and Nokia 6070 has also got EDGE and it cost around 5100 Rs.


Now the choice is all yours.

A year ago I purchased old set of Nokia 6021 for Rs. 4,500/- working fine. You may try to search some edge enable phone set on www.gsmarena.com and try to search old set in market.

What about these sets

Nokia 3100 classic

Nokia 3250(smartphone)

Nokia 3500 classic

These are good sets but may not available in Rs. 5000