EcoStar LCD Reviews & LCD Buying advice

I am planning on buying a new LCD between the range of 32" to 40". Noticed there is a new company called EcoStar and their prices are quite low for LCD's as compared to Samsung or Sony. Anyone owns a EcoStar LCD tv and is the brand reliable. Televisions as you know need to last for atleast 5 years without repair. Ofcourse there is a saying the more you add sugar the sweeter it gets but not really in electronics. Wanto make a wise shopping move. My price range is 45-50k.

Heard the name before but never used it nor saw anybody using it so cannot comment on the that....

What are supposed prices for 17, 19 , 20,22, 24 inches?

What kind of warranty they offer?

The earlier models of EcoStar used Samsung parts in their devices, but i have heard that now they are using other.

I have 32 inch ecostar hd ready.working awsome.superb picture quality compare to sony or samsung.price was 39900.

also saw ecostar lcds in the market....they ARE cheaper then the regular brands...i also heard they used to use samsung parts but now don't know

in my case if i invest 45-50k on a lcd i would also keep in mind its resale value...which i am guessing ecostar has very little of.

I suggest you get the latest LG 32 inch lcd for 38500 rs (which my friend bought) and it had excellent results.

Another friend of mine bought a samsung 32 inch lcd for 42000 (and got a free dvd player with it...its their scratch scheme)...hes very happy with that as well.

Finally bought EcoStar 37" LCD with USB movie playback. They were displayed in Samsung showroom alongwith samsung lcd's and after comparing them live, i prefered ecostar as i didnt see much difference in normal cable reception aswell as DVD or HD content. Infact it probably have better sound/speakers. Remember its HD ready and not Full HD. I am satisfied though, its a great LCD for the price.

BTW i wanted to know Ecostar lcd buyers, do you know what format it support for movie playback? i tried AVI and WMV, although it picked AVI but said format not supported. WMV was not even picked up in the folder. Will try MPEG tonight.

Ah yes the channel change response time is a little slow. Thats the only real downside i guess for this tv.

I had to pay Rs. 48,000, 2 years warranty. Free installation and customer service.

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I had to pay Rs. 48,000, 2 years warranty. Free installation and customer service.

Brother Can u tell me the proper Model Number Of ECOStar LCD u bought?


This is the one |EcoStar LCD 515 Series - 37L515|

Hey bro,

I noticed its been months since you bought the ecostar, i would like to know your comments on that?

Do you still like it?

My old tv is broke, and i will have to buy new one within a day or two, so your comments will be helpful, as i can see this ecostar is the most lowest in prices.


EcoStar LCD / LED TVs, the most relay-able product in town. please like