EchoLife HG510a problem...No Internet Light LED is off


I got 1mb connection ptcl on monday.I have only used it for 2 days.From wednesday,there is no internet.

I have EchoLife HG510a.

All the wires are working fine.I have fiber optics line.ADSL and other lights are on.

Only internet light led remians off.

What can I do?

I am posting this question using the dialup connection via same phone line.Which means it must be working properly.

Please I need urget help.


I have the same modem and package and facing the same problem for last 3 days.

DSL is up (light on) but internet is down (light off).

on Modem Page status is saying "Authentication Failure".

Yesterday I talked to 1218. Configuration expert said that my user-id removed, blocked or deactivated and needs to be refreshed. He said it will be done in 24 hours. Besides he said that there is some problem with their servers also.

So far problem is not fixed and I will call 1218 again tonight.

Best alternative is to buy a decent modem/ router than the one ptcl is offering. Their router offerings are getting shittier by the day. Luckily I have one of their earlier Huawei HG510 routers, works flawlessly.