Echo Life HG510a keeps disconnecting


I am using echo life hg510a My connection keeps on disconnecting,I have seen some threads where people post their different setting and values for line stats etc.

What are the best settings?

Plz help.

I searched a few threads here are my stats:


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What should I do?

apparently your line is fine. But you have to search for any interruptions within line and your modem. There might be a joint in your line which at times pick noises and causes disconnection. And kindly tell if its DSL disconnection or interenet. Does your DSL light starts blinking or simply the internet light doesn't lit. In any way describe the nature of your disconnection a bit more in detail.

your SNR Margin is too low, which could be due to joints in line or bad pair.

Is this speed ok with my 1mbps connection on huwaei Echolife 510a?

What else you want :P

@leoalilion : Where do u live in pakistan and what is ur line profile of 1 mb on which u r getting this awsome speed ? show me ur modem page status pic