EasyPaisa Experiance

Does anyone have experiance using easypaisa service, specially sending mony using this service?

I live in Race Course, Rawalpindi, there isn;t a place or store where I see EASY PAISA sign or facility.

though i would give it a try.

thinking to use this service this month :) lets c..

guys just got an easypaisa account opened. It is pretty convenient though. Haven't utilized all the features yet but its online portal and mobile banking is awesome. Something that I'm ready to try and seems exciting is the International Money receiving using Xpress money.

EasyLoading and cash depositing are an easy process along with money transfer. I'll be updating my experience shortly..

I am also looking forward for it..its awesome service seriously..helping me out alot.

Have recently started an account with them with the hope that this would be one most popular, simple and secure method. The response of the staff is rather pathetic. Like most services in Pakistan, the support staff are out there to ruin the good work done by the companies, end result seems to be leading to same for Easy Paisa as well.

Has any one ever been able to access the online (website) control panel of your account with easy paisa, its seem pretty trick, login in 60 seconds sort of thing.

I just did it many times....Its easy as hell..But the options available on portal are really good. Simply go to *786# on your cell phone, select my account and then go to web login. On the web page enter your mobile number it will give you a pin. Enter that pin in your cell phone. now it will ask for ur pin code. Enter that and in no time you will be logged on to the web portal on your computer a gud and secure way.

There is this option on web portal to link a debit-card with your account. I didn't get it...Is it linking of any debit card or tameer bank debit card...do check it out and lemme know.!

I have recently started with it for my online biz, payments etc by customers. Seems the Easy Paisa Shop staff are not well aware of the procedures related to transferring amount to easy paisa account. Though they know it well from CNIC to CNIC.