Easy to refill photo printer?

I am looking for a photo printer which gives good quality photo printing and is easy and inexpensive to refill.

Can anyone guide me which printer is the best in this respect?



Any additional features ?

Budget? around 10,000/- (but can increase if there is a significant difference in quality)

Brand? any as long as the quality is good

Additional features? A scanner would be nice but not an absolute necessity

In short "picture quality" and "low cost of operation" is the main focus.

Personally speaking, I think it would be best to buy one when you really need it.

You can buy those 3 in 1 printers for Rs1500-2500 which is as much as a cartridge.

After use you can just use the scanner or sell it immediately.

If you buy an inkjet, it will probably go out of date very very soon. If you can afford to bump up the budget, look into color laser printers.


The 3-in-1 are good at no function and other than that their cost of operation (esp, cost of ink) is quite high for a fair amount of usage.


Color laser printers can never rival the photo quality of an inkjet photo printer.

I do have a monochrome laser printer and i am looking for something just for printing photos.

How many photos and avg size of each photo?

arround 30-40 per month and average size from 5-7 to 8x10

Probably cheaper to just get the printing done at a shop.

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Probably cheaper to just get the printing done at a shop.

Nope. If you do more enlargements than it definitely costs more. An 8x10 costs 100 rupees. 5x7 for 25 in peshawar.

I have heard that the canon printers like the iP series and MP series are very easy to refill and have good image quality. Can anyone confirm this?