Easy load retailer discussion

i am easy load retailer I have questions how you are making profits in this business. There are many chances of mistakes and lose your cost due to it. The easy load companies have set targets and rso threaten that they will close sim if you don't achieve set target. Any advices here will be appreciated.

then better to achieve those targets.

My point here is that I am not these companies employee, I am selling their product only and the benefit I get from this is next to nothing, I am running my shop part time just to do something better than being idle brain, and helping my community neighbourhood. I sell many other items along with this and these easy load rso'is want most part of my investment and I become viciously stuck in this cycle without achieving anything from it. I never thought it would be like this. We need more commissions and the part about targets is silly. We need some edge here and kindly don't block our sims.

What the high achievers do here to make profits from this easy load business.. Seriously need tips and tricks.. Else I am looking forward for just scratch cards sale.

Online mobile top ups and loads are now available through banks and are very convenient. This may already be eating into the turn over of the easy load retailers.

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There are many options to load for customers but retailers are the real source of load supply. if we stop recharging, then how will these companies make business. We face the trouble of maintaining full time ready mobiles for easy load, and balance in account. There is no help regarding online or real world. It's just do your own business and don't tell anyone about it.