Easiest way to download from a seedbox

Hello i just got a seedbox with 140 GB space. I have a problem, due to frequent electricity fluctuations the ftp protocol corrupts files while downloading and also the process is not automatic. There is no HTTP option to download and i am using Deluge as my client

Which is the best way to just set up and the seedbox files will automatically download themseleves

Edit: I have seen rsync option but its too complex and does not work on Linux to Windows 7 setup.

I have found this automation in Free Download Manager by setting up the ftp address with username and password and making of queue of downloads from torrents completed directory now every time computer is restarted FDM autoconnects and resumes from where it left of!

IMO, The best use of a SB is to download stuff from a source and then to upload (by submitting a torrent) it on your desired site on which you want build buffer.

You will face problems even FDM as long as your intentions are to also to download stuff from your SB to your PC. as SB usually have upload quota and with lower end SBs, IP changes, sometime server crashes etc.

So my suggestion is download directly the stuff you want to have for yourself on your PC from torrent sites, not from your SB and let the SB be only for seeding to other sites to build buffer with stuff you don't really need to at all to download.

The torrent traffic in my area is being hindered. My modem keeps resetting while downloading torrents via utorrent, so i had to buy a seedbox and download the content from to my computer, this way i get very fast speeds on Worldcall!

i am using world call USB modem and the torrent work fine on it no issues