Anyone felt it tonite 1:30 AM 19th JAN ??



^ are you currently in ISB?

I am in Sheikhupura right now and was just having a talk with a friend in RWP when we both felt the earthquake at the same time. but it was at smaller scale


I also tried to capture objects if they were shaking or not. But they weren't.

Just watching the news.... they'r reporting it was 7.2 or 7.3 :rolleyes: may be it was the maximum recorded.



it's 7.4


Felt like a light tremor to me in RWP. Not even close to 5 (the feeling).

it was severe in Dubai then Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Quetta and other cities aswell..its all over the news even it went to Iran as well. 7.23mag.

I was sleeping.... don't know much about it apart from this forum.

Nope man didn't feel anything here in Abbottabad.Did it struck hard in Karachi too?

Didn't feel anything here in Clifton, Karachi. Maybe 7.2 was the max recording they had all over Pakistan.

No, as the epicentre was 80 kilometers deep under that why, not much damage was done. USGS initial finding was 10 kilometers but they revised it after some time.

i was sleeping. Nobody mention about it here in Sialkot.

It was arround 1:28 on my cell phone, and i felt it for almost 9-10 seconds.

I felt it hard aswell. And my room's light started to flikr in darkness aswell :D.. i knw thts wierd.. but dramatic :D


i am hearing from rest of karachi people felt it, but in defence phase 6 i didn't feel nothing, zilch nada zero