Earthquake @ 2:45AM, 20101011

Holy frick'.... Never have I left such severe shocks due to an earthquake... and that includes the 2005 earthquake.

It was short but had a lot of energy... enough to shake the walls... Damn... 0.o

Instead of being drawn out, the shocks were quick and brutal.

May Allah have mercy and protect people from harm. Amen!

How are other WP members???

Islamabad, Peshawar, Muzafarabad were hit till last news...

5.3 on rector scale.

It was intense but barely 10-15 seconds...

Where did you get the 5.3 reading from?

Its on news channels , I just checked few online channel links after reading this thread (I am in Karachi). I hope there are no damages any where and Allah keep everyone safe.

Didn't felt in Jhelum.

Let me check news.

Nothing felt in Lahore, because I was busy Dreaming!

Didn't feel anything, was asleep ofcourse but earthquakes do wake me up.

Information about the Earthquake:

Magnitude mb 5.2


Date time 2010-10-10 21:44:30.8 UTC

Location 34.15 N ; 72.83 E

Depth 60 km

Distances 33 km W Abottabad (pop 127,898 ; local time 02:44 2010-10-11)

13 km NW Khalabat (pop 39,148 ; local time 02:44 2010-10-11)


wow, this was close - do check the map out if below doesn't show up.


i was sleeping.. felt nothing... :)

God save us!

I had to go to sleep a little early,so i didn't felt anything.

I've been feeling earthquake since the last one in Afghanistan, few days ago. When ever i go to bed i feel thing shaking! I think fear takes place in our hearts and then it reminds us of it!

Phew it was a strong one here.. I even fell down while running from my room.Meteorological department was saying it was 5.3 but nah man it was quite strong.

I felt it big time was asleep, woke up shaking ran and took cover in the corner :P

that was brutal by the do you people believe in HAARP TECHNOLOGY

@ koder , melleck, Guys when its an Earthquake you don't run - never!

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@ koder , melleck, Guys when its an Earthquake you don’t run - never!

you should run and stay calm

i will run out of house if it’s very high intensity earthquake.

Back in 2005 Earthquake our neighbour uncle fell off the stairs during the earthquake and fractured his leg and till date he cannot walk properly.I know its not good to run when the earth is shaking but man its natural running :D .. one can't stop it.

I can't believe the magnitude was only 5.3? it was the strongest and most brutal JOLT I've ever felt .. :/ still scared to go upstairs

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I can’t believe the magnitude was only 5.3? it was the strongest and most brutal JOLT I’ve ever felt … :confused: still scared to go upstairs

I have shifted my stuff downstairs :D

@ Bonhomie: The magnitude is a combination of various values. If it had lasted longer, it would have rated higher. As it stands, it was only there for about 10-15s this time.