Earn real money to paypal

Now I do not know if this is the right thread I post in on the defects may cause any administrator move the thread to the right place.

I am a part of the larger shareholders out of the site


This is how we are now looking for people who can translate English into other languages.

And we are willing and pay compensation for it to paypal.

Translation of page text all inner and under sides consisting of a large file.

Then, headlines and pictures to be translated, as well as javascript translations.

side of these texts consists of approximately 1523 lines of code

about 40 javascript files

and separate headers that are in pictures.

When the job is done is you current rate for cover work when we allow some release of new texts and features of the page there will be translation there too.

PM me your language you can translate, and your desired salary.

To translate from English into your language. Not straight off to do their own interpretations of context if you feel that the text is good, then the members with us in that language, to rate your translation.

The rating should not go below 4.2 out of 5 possible.