Earn monthly upto 5000rs

Dear Friends,

I am from Cpiders Web Solutions. I hope I am not spamming, if so kindly point out I'll edit my post. We are offering a flexible affiliate program with which you can earn upto 5000rs per month.

We are paying highest in Pakistan as compared to other affiliate programs in Pakistan. There are no minimum payout limits. You can even withdraw 1rs :)

This program is like a referral system. You point a client to us. When he tells us that he/she is sent by you and purchases our services, we automatically add the fixed commission in your account. After that you claim your money and we will dispatch it via bank, easypaisa or money order.

Other details are provided on our website. You can check it by clicking here. We got success stories also.


Asim Shah,

Cpiders Web Solution (+92 315 99 22 777)

This is nice thing, i think i have never seen any other web solution company doing this at the moment in Pk.

nice i check it

^ what is nice ? please do comment properly, i got mail notification and i came here and found your comment, that is nothing to do with the thread...

I dun have a clue wat 'affiliate' actually is. Even aftr goin thru the site provided.

You should mention the % which you are offering.

i try your service


hello guys, any of you know about this site??? how trustworthy it is?

^ i have been recieving sapm email from this site, i don't think its a trustworthy.

^ you have 3 signature links, all having same link along with your username, why you want all visit this? i didnt visit any of this link hehe, my mouse told me :P

Lol! I was wondering the same thing.. but i think the post answers the question!

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its just spam


^ haha