E3 2008 Wishlist - Max Payne 3 & MORE

Another year, another Electronic Entertainment Expo (or E3 as we gamers love calling it). Even though this event has significantly shrunk in size, it’s still a hotspot for information regarding all things gaming. Sites like IGN.com have already listed the games we can expect to see at this media circus that takes place during July 15-18 at the LA Convention Center, so you can educate yourself by heading right there. We’ll also begin our E3 coverage as and when the event nears, but till then we thought you’d like to bide your time with our very own quaint little E3 wish list that goes something like this...

Max Payne 3

Yes, we know Remedy is busy working on Alan Wake (or at least we hope they are) but we seem to recall an announcement made some time ago by publisher Take Two regarding Max Payne 3’s existence, so we’re hoping to witness some sort of game footage or even an official confirmation at this year’s E3. What worries me is the fact that there are rumors circulating the Internet that Remedy would no longer be attached to this project. Will Rockstar step in to save the day, or are we looking at another Soldier of Fortune Payback?

Alan Wake

Alan Wake made a huge impression on us when it was unveiled for the first time at E3 2005. Boasting of photo-realistic environments along with a creepy rendition of the great American outdoors, this game marked developer Remedy’s foray into the world of survival horror with a bang. Unfortunately it sort of vanished into thin air and it’s been ages since we’ve had an informative Alan Wake update (PR crap not included). We’re hoping this year’s E3 proves that this game’s not vaporware with some tasty gameplay clips – no more pretty screens please! – in addition to a concrete release date.

BioShock 2

BioShock had the distinction of being one of the finest games ever made, so it’s no surprise that the entire gaming community is begging for a sequel. With no concrete facts to go by, the rumor mill seems to have gone into overdrive, with internet chatter suggesting BioShock 2 may in fact be a prequel to the first game, taking place during the heyday of Rapture... and as expected, players would witness the slow but gradual downfall of this idyllic underwater community.

Doom 4

Developer id’s been keeping a low profile for a while now, and besides announcing a new engine (the id Tech 5 engine) and a new game (RAGE) we’ve heard nothing interesting from their camp for long. We’re hoping this year’s E3 sheds some light on Doom 4 that we all know is in development, courtesy of a job requirement posted on id’s official site. Details are extremely scare, but rumor has it that the game will be made using id’s Tech 5 engine and that it will most probably take place on Earth (remake of Doom 2: Hell on Earth, maybe?)

Hitman 5

Although nearly every media publication gave Kane and Lynch: Dead Men a less-than-favorable review, developer IO Interactive laughed all the way to the bank with high sales as well as a movie tie-in to boot. Now it remains to be seen if IO comes up with a sequel to Kane and Lynch or a sequel to Hitman or both. My money’s on both; we all know how publishers love riding their successful franchises into the ground.

Sin City

Ever since Frank Miller’s stylized, hyper-violent flick hit the big screen, everyone who’s seen the movie shares the same train of thought – that Sin City would make one badass game. Someone at developer Red Mile felt the same way, since they picked up rights to make this game on none other than the Unreal 3 engine. We still don’t know the game’s genre or even the platforms it will be releasing on, but we’re hoping to get some news on that this year.


Any game that boasts of "huge, open environments, daredevil acrobatics, and high-octane vehicle-based stunts" is something to look out for, in my book. Add in the fact that this game is being billed as a "shooter gone vertical" and you have something I strongly hope to see in motion at this year’s E3.

Besides all the above-mentioned stuff, here’s some more we’d like to see at this year’s show:

Proof that the new Indiana Jones game based on Indy’s latest outing isn’t dead

Prey 2 gameplay and release date

Mafia II gameplay and release date

Faith and a .45 release date

Harker Gameplay and release date

Killer Instinct 3 official announcement with some footage, and of course a release date.

Any sort of information regarding Realtime World's ambitious MMO, APB

God of War 3 Announcement.

No Fifa09 ? :(

I look forward to MAX PAYNE 3!!!!!!!!!

man i'd love to know about new hitman game. Kane and Lynch: Dead Men was an excellent game. I loved its gameplay so much. I dont care about reviews. new Kane and Lynch and Hitman info would be awesome.

hey max payne 1 n 2 both were gr8 but now guys forget its 3rd part it will never come........if u wanna play the game lik max payne go for "stranglehold" it is similar to max payne but u need a heavy sys to play it........build ur system or play it in ur dreams.......:-))

GTA 4 for PC!!!! How come you missed it?!!!!

BioShock2 and Hitman:Blood Money::Sequal(that what they calling it)

these two are most awaiting for me.

did anyone played torrente!!!!!!!!!i m looking for its upcomin part hhaaa