e2180 vs e4500

I'm going to buy one of these so wanna know which one should i go for considering the price difference. Is there huge performance difference between these two or just marginal?

Main difference is the Cache Memory, E2180 has 1mb and E4500 has 2mb cache. Cache improves the performance of processing of processor. I would recommend to go for E4500.

this much price difference just for 1MB cache??? Man there must be something more to e4500

search google "e2180 vs e4500"

the price difference is much more then u can justify, spend on a 2180 atleast dont get the 2140...get a decent mobo or even a sucky intel mobo overclock using either the bsel mod or the mobo either ways u will be able to make better use of ur money that way....

i'm going for e4500 on asus p5kl-vm. But what i wanna know that whether or not i can overclock it upto around 2.8 on stock cooler with kingston value ram? Is stock cooler gud enough for this moderate overclock?

I've got an E4500 and corsair xms2 Dhx 2 * 1 GB 800MHz ram and asus p5kpl-vm. Is there any bottlenecks in my system, and are 800Mhz memories supported by e4500 or will they work at 667MHz.

Anyone knows the bandwidth of this processor? and does this board has any voltage control and overclocking options (since i've not assembled this system yet).