E-Mags Project Building


I just wan to know if any body is active in building Projects published in Elektor / EPE etc. here in Pakistan?
I have build quite a lot of those projects and would like to share.

Here is 500ppm LCR Meter I built from Elektor Mag article. This is completely DIY including PCB.

Link - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=veUXw8x5AFo

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Please provide more details about Elektor/EPE. Haven’t heard about it before.

It would be interesting to see what you have made here.

I encourage you to post some pictures of your own project with brief description.

Elektor - https://www.elektormagazine.com/

EPE - http://www.epemag3.com/

Man this is really awesome! I have always hesitated to build projects like these. What else have you built? and do you download magazines and follow instructions or what? I would like to know more about you and your projects!

These days I am working on an aquarium controller for automatic water change temperature lights etc. The automatic water change part is done.

Can you please share your work. Is it arduino based? I would be interested to know how water flow is controlled using solenoid valves or otherwise?

Also where can one buy Elektor in Islamabad.


Yes it is arduino based but i am converting it to something more basic as the trend of using arduinos to do simple things makes me go crazy. Even though it is excellent for quickly prototyping circuits. No offense to arduino users. I am using solenoids, water pumps and float sensors. My aquarium needs a lot of water changes as I have a discus fish aquarium. When i switch on the water changer fresh water starts to flow in and when the water reaches a certain limit a pump is kicked it. This pump stays active for a certain period after which it stops. This cycle repeats. There are safety measures for overflow and excess water pumped out as well.

So it is actually a Fish Tank Water Recycler?

Here is a AVR Programmer I made recently.

AVR ISP MK-II. http://www.fourwalledcubicle.com/AVRISP.php

I also like to build and fly model airplanes. I am a full time of member of MAAL (Miniature Aircraft Association Lahore). I built an electronic brushless controller using SimonK firmware.
Brushless Motor Controller. http://stichw.at/UFO/ARM/BL4428/v01s/Index.html

It does not recycle but prevents build up of nitrates so it flushes the old water out for some new one.
Your pcbs are amazing! I want to start soldering SMDs but i am a little scared. I stopped flying RC planes about 2 years ago because of other commitments and I miss it. Where do you get your pcbs made from? Also how did you manage such clean cuts on the programmer enclosure?

This is an imported box. They use some plastic which when filed results in a clean finish.
PCB are from china.

Would you mind telling me which Chinese service you use for PCBs?


Here is an Audio Preamp I have been building for quite some time. Almost completed…

Finished & Testing…Sounds great.

Wow! I absolutely love the finishing on this product! Did you make the enclosure yourself?

Completed a Hifi Project…

1- Pax Error Correction Amplifier by Jan Didden of LinearAudio.nl
2- Douglas Self Linear Audio Pramplifier from DiyAudio.com.

Linlk to project websites