DX is coming with moneybooker and alertpay?


I have write to DX


No doubt Dealextreme is the best place for online shopping with quality and a lot of variety but we (Pakistan) cant do shop online from Dealextreme because there is no PayPal in Pakistan.

As the world know that the IT sector of Pakistan is the most efficient and the most rapidly growing sector of Asia. Now all the Pakistanis are able to buy online due to the launch of Visa Prepaid Debit Card by one of the most capable bank of Pakistan (http://www.ubl.com.pk/retail/ubl_wiz/) . Now

Every Pakistani who has access to internet can buy online but actual problem is PayPal. And no doubt that Pakistan is a big Market these days.

But there are two other most efficient and the most secure payment method is available. They both have so much low fee than PayPal and verified its customer by phone , sending mail to their home address , and by bank account and one of them is also official payment method of ebay (moneybookers.com). These two methods are www.alertpay.com and www.moneybookers.com and both are international and one of the most secure financial methods. It fully support Pakistani banks and debit and credit cards.

I want to request Dealextreme admins to please have a look on these (www.alertpay.com , www.moneybookers.com) methods so that we can shop online from dealextreme and can get most cheap but a best quality of products.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours Truly

Adnan Iftekhar

Farid Town Sahiwal

Punjab , Pakistan


They Replied

Dear Adnan Iftekhar,

Thanks so much for supportting DX.

And we are willing to do business with Pakistan. But currently we only have the paypal method for the transaction.

However, we will submit the links you mentioned to our manager. And hope we could have this way for the business on line very soon.

Agian thanks for your good suggestion and attention.

Have a nice day.

Best regards


Has anyone, in pakistan, done any business with them?

Wrong forum. Enough of your referral links... :/

It will be a ban next time.