Dual Boot Phone: Phoes with both Android and WP


As per article, phones in future will have dual boot capability, and will be able to run both Android and Windows phone OS as well.

What do you guys think of this?

In future? You can do this with rooted phones already.

and why would any one want to have a dual boot phone? I am happy with Android, some people like iOS and other prefer WP, BB etc

Future.. dear Nobody can predict the Future.. So hope for the best

@Fahad Ahmed Khan

Yes its true, but this time, it will be ready right off the bat....which means less work than rooting ...and less complicated than it too since rooting solutions doesnt work with all sets.


What if the phone was WP and it had a great camera but you wanted Android....


I hate people who say "dear"...dont say it if you are not an old lady with leg cramp syndrome...

i hate people, who say this and that. who cares !!

so you hate people who say "this and that. who cares !!" :huh:

Lol @future. HTC HD2 already had dual boot. If it is not HD2 then it must be HD7.

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^ it was HD2..could boot upto 3 OS at a time.

^ and that was a 3 to 4 year old story. And people are crazy about dual boot in "future". :-)

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all androids can dual boot depending on the ROM size available and the custom kernel being used.

Alteration of boot loader is not a normal / easy job.

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Point is, it is possible.. everyone who knows a little about rooting and partitioning can do it.. voids warranty, but thats the whole point of hacking..

the point is that basically this thread is a moot point..

yes you guys are right rooting was and is possible, but like I and TA said it is not easy and not all methods could be applied on all sets.

But the news now is that it will be easier and methods would be one not multiple ...

so less chances to break phone and better chance at multi booting set.