DSTV gone now it would be ORBIT SHOWTIME for cable operators

OSN readies HD to tune out pirates and porn

DUBAI - Orbit Showtime Network (OSN) said on Sunday its efforts against the twin-threats of piracy and pornography were working as it fights to stem losses from the illegal encryption of its channels.

OSN, the rebranded network as a result of last year's merger of Orbit and Showtime, said it was working with telecom authorities and introducing new technology such as its new high-definition box next week to fight piracy, chief executive officer Marc-Antoine d'Halluin told Maktoob News.

The first new package from the combined Orbit and Showtime network will including three high-definition channels, and the new decoder with anti-piracy features.

"We work a lot with the UAE's Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) and have implemented systems with telecom service providers, Etisalat and du, to fight together the online servers that are providing (illegal) pay TV codes," he said.

Their joint efforts aim to block 500 Internet servers transmitting pirate TV codes to 1.5 million illegal set top boxes active across the Gulf, according to Dubai-based trade magazine MediaWeek Middle East in July last year.

Asked to provide details of how effective the combined efforts had been so far, d'Halluin declined to offer figures.

"We see a very meaningful impact on our sales that went up by double-digit since we started this activity," he said.

A similar campaign is being waged against porn and piracy in Saudi Arabia.

"The main form (of piracy) in Saudi is through the Internet connected to the Dreambox and we will make sure new systems prevent this - we are losing too much money," d'Halluin said, but gave no estimates about the losses.

The Dreambox is among several set-top boxes being used for illegally encrypting pay-TV channels, including those of OSN.

D'Halluin said the new OSN high defintion box would "make our life a lot easier" in anti-piracy efforts.

OSN will soon begin distributing "hundreds of thousands" of new decoders compatible with HD television technology.

Starting Monday, OSN will launch 8 new channels including OSN Arabia, which will show Hollywood movies and TV series dubbed into Arabic.

D'Halluin believes HD television will dominate the region's pay-TV in the coming years.

"This region has a considerably higher percentage of HD-ready television sets than in many other regions in the world. What they need is HD channels," he said.


One of the main reasons that multichoice described in termination of intelsat10 is HD content which they say was not possible on IS10 cauz it had not enough capacity and it was reaching its expiry. So they chose powerful eutelsat W7 sat on which they have provided 4 HD channels and more channels for catering the entertainment needs of both indian and portuguese viewers. Selling HD decoders is also on agenda for multichoice as well and as the above statement by osn clearly demonstrated that HD is the future. So its no coincidence that companies are in pressure to move on to HD content as we can see in USA and Europe that almost every channel has gone HD alongwith an option of SD as well, sky is a very good example in U.K. They even have launched skysports 3D. wow! Star tv asian (not indian) has also launched 5 HD channels as a response to worldwide switch and more of current demand of HD tv users. I am waiting for indian channels when they gonna decide? It really makes me laugh that how far world has gone and we are stuck in analog cable and our digital is just begining to create confidence in our people and you can feel that how much time it will take for us to go there is anybody's guess.

very sad indeed. no match for DSTV whatver! now all have to watch indian shitty channels...

It's time to jump for picking new technology rather going step by step.

We don't have single dth provider in our country..what a shame.Even Srilanka has it.Orbit Showtime on Nilesat 101/102 is not receivble in PUNJAB,Khyber.Only Karachi people would get its signals and few who are near to khi.Orbit Network Eurobird 2 at 26.0°E is receivable all over nation.

What good can be expected rom these Kairas, Sardars, Khosas, feudels, Jahil Jialas, Politicians of reconcilation.


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What good can be expected rom these Kairas, Sardars, Khosas, feudels, Jahil Jialas, Politicians of reconcilation.

and not to forget Mullahs. :(

but anyway we shud keep this stuff out of the topic.

even the last remaining package in middle east which have mostly indian contents which is very famous for Asian viewer Pehla + is changing its encryption from irdeto to viaccess 3.0 and asking all the smarcard holders to swap it with new new boxes before the worldcup so no more pehla channels on sharing and cardsplitter as the card is paired with the deocders !!!!!

where is pakistan in this