DSL+WiFi Router for LINKdotNET

DSL+WiFi Router for LINKdotNET

After enjoying four wonderful months with Wateen Now I’ve decided to switch to DSL. The reason is simple: more bandwidth required, which Wateen offers but at expensive rates è Rs.3000/- for 2Mbit/s. People say don’t go for PTCL as they are not good when it comes to Customer Support and Troubleshooting. So I’ve chosen my “To be DSL Service Provider” as LINKdotNET. The package for 2Mbit/s as I see is @ Rs.1850 without rent of Modem. As I’ve no WiFi router so I thought why pay Rs.250 for WiFi enabled Modem rather buy your own so to save Rs.250. After searching through forums in wiredpakistan I could not find much information that could help me in buying DSL+Wifi router. So میرے بھائیو give some suggestions :)

I am an LDN user for almost 4 years and using Aztech DSL WiFi router since first day. It is working fine till today so I guess you should go for it. In fact LDN gives Aztech routers as I purchased it from LDN for Rs.4500 at that time.

Here you can see my router pics:

In Rs.4500/- Can I find only this Aztech in the market? or there are some others routers in the market in same price? :mellow:

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In Rs.4500/- Can I find only this Aztech in the market? or there are some others routers in the market in same price? :mellow:


Other brands are also available. Plus the cost will be cheaper because I bought it 4 years ago. Now I think it will cost you around Rs.3500.

from LINKdotNET

Ethernet Modem Price Rs. 3,000/-

Wireless Modem Price Rs. 5,500/-

and about brands they said:-

now we are offering 3 brands of Wireless modem. Aztech, Huawei & Zyxel. Whichever is available in inventory we dispatch that to the customer.

Around 3K, you can buy a brand new TP-Link ADSL modem + Wifi router as a single device. I remember I bought 8951ND from TP-Link for just Rs. 2600 brand new, few months ago. So why pay Rs.5,500 to LDN ?

Edit: The exact model number was TD-W8951ND.

TP-Link's router+modem works perfectly fine within shorter range. It will be terrible at long ranges. I have been using it for last couple of years without a problem but I have placed it in the same room where I sit. In the other corner of my 10 marla floor, the signals/connection keep dropping. Another friend of mine had bad experience with it across the floors (did not work at ground floor when placed at second floor). Other companies like Linksys are expensive but have stronger signals.