DSL Tones?

What are DSL Tones? What they do? I have all tones selected in My modem menu

Contact "MZC Networks" they might tell you :D

DSL tone:

Like voice tones, ADSL runs on AM radio frequency tones of up to 2.2Mhz.

:P, i know the definition, what i meant to ask was how will it effect my dsl by checking/un-checking them.

these are the VPI VCI values, to confirm it, uncheck the VPI VCI values on which your connection is set, its usually 0 and 103 or 0 and 35, and then check if your connection works, it probably should not.

If your connection does not work, when those VPI VCI values are unchecked, then it will be confirmed that these are the DSL tones used by VPI and VCI