DSL to Wifi Router

Can anybody tell that which kind of router used for converting DSL connection (which is taken from other's PTCL DSL modem) can be used for converting it to Wifi

You can either use an ADSL Router which has the capabilities of both modem and a router, or you can just use a simple wifi router in addition to your current modem supplied to you by PTCL.

The Price of such router is about Rs.1500 (Company Tenda)


Yes, there are several options as mentioned above:

- You may use your current modem with a wireless only router: either you may set your modem in bridge mode and use the wireless router for pppoe or you may use the modem as it is with the wireless router in access point mode or a dedicated access point (in general, the most powerful hardware should handle routing)

- You may replace the current modem with adsl + wireless router either by requesting an upgrade from ptcl (one time fee) or you may buy your own!

- I generally have a few around (I like to 'unlock', apply custom firmware, mod ...) and can provide some good ones at a good price ... these are mostly provided by uk isps but work great here as well!



After PTCL router , Tenda routers are good. They are good distance of quality signals. Price will be 2,000 (more or less). But I think you should contact to PTCL and order for new WiFi router. They will take two or three days and will replace you existing none wife router with Wifi router.

They will charge 700 with first bill I think. (I am telling these rates when I replaced my none wifi router) one year ago.