DSL Speed Problem

My phone line went out of order few days back but when it was restored my DSL which was 4 mb is now downgraded to one mb.My modem page is also showing 1026 kbps.How this problem will be resolved becoz 1218 people keep on saying "aap ki complaint forward kar di gai hai".

vist local exchange talk with broadband technician they will upgrade your port...............port problem

Problem still not solved now its on 2mb,


Tell exchange members to upgrade your internet package they will call to PTCL center and your speed will be upgraded.

Call 1236.. Ask for your package information if it is 2mb, ask them to upgrade you to 4mb package.. after upgradng, restart your modem 3 or 4 times...If rates are not stable in connection stats.. call the line man. It's a lineman job.

Back in last year i faced the same problem. the issue was resolved only by registring my complaint at 1218. Actually PTCl is facing some back ends problems nowadays (said by one of their workers to me) so that is why the users are facing some problems. Keep trying to communicate on 1218 or try to get the technical person of your area which deals in all kind of complaints. It might help you earlier.