DSL Problem

Hello everybody

i am using dsl 2MB. a week ago my dsl was working properly but about a week ago it got worst. here are my line stats

Current adsl line status is as the below.

Line Mode G.DMT Line State Show Time

Line Up Time Duration 00:00:01:15 System Up Time 00:00:55:31

Line Downstream Rate 1528 Line Upstream Rate 320

Latency Type Interleave Line Coding Trellis On

Noise Margin 4.5 Line Attenuation 63.5

Output power 11.6 Attainable Line Rate 1920

Line Up Count 32 Status No Defect

look at the disconnections. speed varies after every disconnection. contacted line man and dsl guy many times but they just check and then nothing.

about a week ago i was getting 20-30 noise margin, line attenuation 42 and attainable line rate was between 5000-8000.

Now please help me out. i know its line problem but what to do now. please help.


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