DSL Modem for PTCL Broadband

For a couple of years, PTCL provides Sagemcom Fast 1704N DSL modem to its broadband users. It doesn’t have a powerful wifi and also lacks gigabit ethernet ports. I am also not sure how secure it is. Which of the two options is better?

A- Keep using the sarkari 1704N DSL modem and add a good wifi and gigabit router to my setup (something like the TP-link AC1750).

B. Look for a decent DSL Modem with builtin wifi and gigabit router. Sadly there are very few choices in the local market. This one seems to be a good choice: TP-Link TD-W8980

Looking for advice, suggestion, DOs and DONTs…

I don’t have suggestions for modems, but I would advise that you refrain from buying a different modem. I think I once made a similar post here too, a few years back, about getting a different modem. I finally got tp link TD-W8960. And guess what happened? The modem started giving me troubles starting the 2nd day. Its wifi would hang or something, and then it won’t work unless i switch it off and then on. The problem sort of automatically resolved itself (i really dont have any idea how) in a few weeks but those weeks were tough. After this problem occured, I did some research into the issue, and trust me… the amount of cash we pay here in Pakistan to get a “good” modem… its just not enough. All good quality modems easily cost much more than what you’re going to pay for a tp-link modem here.

That said, if you’re still going to stick with a different modem, then I guess look for a more reliable brand. Go for Netgear.

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This is useful. Thank you, kellhus.

My offline friends are also suggesting the same. One of the main reasons cited for not using a non-PTCL provided modem is the lack of support from the broadband provider.