DSL lightt flashes after sometime


i have PTCL DSL..... the problem is that after sometime like sometime 10 mins sometime 5 min .... the DSL light starts flashing and there is no internet access at that time.....

please help me in this problemm.... its really frustating....

probably your exchange upgrading. check your line stats if they are ok call PTCL helpline and take out your frustration.

calling to 1218 ptcl help line.... there is major work being done in international internet lines.....

PTCL dsl having issues, also called 1218 & same asnwer as above and issue to be resoloved on 29th as per ptcl.

download speed less than 4 kb :(

Same here i am also getting download speed between 10 to 4kbps...it happened 1-2 hours ago though, so they must have started working on lines at that time.

same here , even browsing is toooooo slow.

dsl led's blinking does nt hapns due to international link upgradation guys..

dsl led shows ur modem connectivity till the DSLAM or ONU at exchange end..

and it happens due to the following reason..

in copper line it happens due to bad snr margin..i.e. bad line parameters..

and in ONU case it also happens due to bad line parameters but its rare in ONU fiber case.. and in fiber if it happens normally it because of modem heating up or modem problem...

so if u r a copper user chk ur snr.. and u will be confirmed that snr are varying below 10db.... :)

chk and tell..or take the screen shot and upload..i will tell u..

of what should i take pictures of???????

like going to and take pictures of what??

plz tell....

first kindly tell me ur modem name so that i cd properly tell u that what snaps u shd take...

well in general scenario u have to take the snaps of Status page of modem on which line parameters (Downstream/upstream,,,Snr margin... and line attenuation.) are shown...


i dont know the name of the modem...basically i have TP-LINK wireless router behind which there is modem that is supplied by PTCL..


well if u r using TPlink ahead infront of ptcl modem...dn at tym u r connected to tplink... open up the browser and write it will ask fr the usernm & pwd.. write admin admin there in both..

u will be logged in to ptcl modem.. take snapshots there and do post here...


try a different router or call someone from 1218 at ur premises....

put a piece of duct tape on that light and it won't flush anymore

[quote=“armada, post:13, topic:15147”]

put a piece of duct tape on that light and it won’t flush anymore


I though you are gonna say , jus put dat light up ,prb Solved