DSL Light Blinking after every 10 minutes

I have been facing this problem from a long time i got it repaired it by PTCL lineman in last year September from that day to this year's March Internet was working fine without any problem but for few weeks i'm facing the same issue,I have checked myself there's no distortion/noise in the phone i don't know what's the problem,Is anyone else facing this problem?if no then can you tell me how to resolve this problem.

P.S : My lineman doesn't even takes money to do things and he doesn't do any work also he comes he checks the line cuts it and repairs it,it works for few mins but after sometime the light starts blinking again


Dear Re-Check your PTCL Wire

Change the DSL modulation to GDMT only. Check if the problem resolved or not.

post you adsl line status.......

Here are the ADSL line status...1218 is reporting that there's problem in my line i know that but my lineman doesn't fixes it,he fixes it for a short amount of time what can i do :(

Your SNR is too low 5.8 down

Attenuation too high at 45 down

Get your line changed.


I know that,But my lineman does not listen to me is there anyway that i can get it replaced?


My lineman came to my house and he said that as your line is off copper it cannot afford 4MB(PTCL updated that)therefore he downgraded my connection to 1MB and now the SNR Margin is up here's a screen shot of it