DSL Internet recommendation for Karachi

I've been using Maxcom practically since they launched, but with the PTCL takeover - even before the takeover in fact - their service has been going downhill. I have a 4mbps connection at 1800Rs, and while it actually works at 2-3 mbps sometimes, too often it balks at streaming youtube videos or checking email.

Anyways, this is not to complain about Maxcom - rather to find out what's the best possible internet connection to get in Karachi - any recommendations? I'm on the Misri Shah exchange in DHA.

I'm not planning to use a wireless connection as my primary internet - I already have a Mobilink Wimax connection as a backup, and plan to keep it as just that - wimax in Pakistan just doesn't work fast enough. Before this I had Qubee which never worked for some reason where I live. The mobilink wimax isn't very good either, but decent as a backup. This is the 800Rs a month one, the Wimax installation was free.

Well Fibre nowadays arent really going that well either, and partly due to the on going problems with the under sea cables.

If you are considering DSL then check their services and technical staff...other than that there is no one I could recommend right now.