DSL/Internet LED is Green but no internet

Hi everyone

I am experiencing a really weired problem with my PTCL DSL.

In other words its a frequesnt disconnection, but to be back online I have to reset the DSL line or restart the device. Its all started happening few days ago from today.

When its disconnected my device shows that My DSL line is OK/Green/connected and Internet is Green as well but without internet.

I can ping the router IP and PTCL's DNS servers (**182.X.X.X / **116.X.X.X) but nothing *beyond that.

Below are some more details

VPI/VCI 8/81 (I suppose its fiber)

Attanuation Down/UP 40/26 (I dont thing there is a prblem with the line stats)

Tested 3 devices so far ........ !

* / cisco.com / yahoo.com

(post edited to add the following info)

** Can anyone confirm the location of these PTCL's DNS servers ( LHR/ISB/KHI ? )

Are you utilizing any of the Parental Control features on your modem?

PTA F....N here as well!!

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Are you utilizing any of the Parental Control features on your modem?


No I am not.

Its the default settings I am using at the moment.

Broadband Lineman tried his best but he failed to find out the problem.

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PTA F....N here as well!!


Can you please tell us more.

i have the same problem , dsl and internet lights stay stable green but no browsing until i restart the router , and some time after restart it shows disconnect in connection status even when lights go stable ,, can u help me

Can u try pinging when its disconnected ?

I don’t have this issue anymore. Resolved automatically or mysteriously.
I assume that it could happen due to the maintenance work at PTCL premises and the area lineman does not have the access to that information.

Your line stats r excellent.
Try a different device just to be on the safe side to make sure its not the device.

i face this problem in tp link wr740n as well as ptcl zte zxdsl83cii device when they are heat-up they do the same thing try to some cool down the device add fan or place devices in proper ventilated area and see if there is difference or not and first hard reset the device re setup it..... ;)

this is my system view log of ptcl router one thing i noticed when internet disconnects then connection down and ppp connection down both comes and then again it connects after 1 min....this is happening frequently...

dslam problem ................