DSL connection splitting

Salam Everyone!

I am using DSL connection with simple USB modem. Now i want to split up this connection to other two rooms. Tell me the best way to do it and what things i will require. Thanks

Use a router: Modem -> Router -> Computers

Line coming from main goes to Modem then to Router and from connect computers with routers ?

I guess method no: 2 is great but i am confused about one thing. Whether i should buy modem or buy a router with built-in switch and modem?

^ Either way works, so it doesn't matter. But since you already have a modem, why pay for a router with a built-in modem!

And what's about the settings to setup connection ?

Connect everything up, then go to this IP via your browser:

That should take you to the router setup page. And you can poke around the settings and see what/where everything is. Generally if you're using a wired setup, it should essentially be plug and play, without much need for setting anything up. For a wireless connection, you would want to set a password on the router setup page.

Yeah i will be using wired.

just purchase router and connect it with maon modem and the computers with routers, that's all