DropBox Software

Dropbox allows you to sync your files online and across your computers automatically.

* Sync Windows, Mac and Linux computers.

* Automatically syncs when new files or changes are detected.


File Sharing

Online Backup

Web Access

Security & Privacy

Mobile Device Access

The free Dropbox application for iPhone, iPad, and Android lets you:


I use it myself only occasionally, and its good.

It is really very interesting.

It support android too.

I use it very much. Cloud computing is getting very common. Though i dont use its software and upload via browser

I use it as well. Its really one of the most sophisticated cloud storage solutions out there.

Yes getting lot of popularity

The windows app uploads so slowly on my connection, I use the web interface which is much faster.

It runs fine on my PC. The upload is almost instantaneous (I am on a 1 Mb connection). Do check your firewall settings, there might be a problem. Or maybe the ports are blocked on your network.

Something to do with the ISP and network of course. NO other application seems to have this problem though so I blame the DB client.

Hey guys try spider oak. I found it as good as DB. and its client is awesome.

Dropbox has...security issues.

Its pretty long . I read the first part and its the intelligent way of saving the bandwidth. I wrote on it too


Dropbox for Windows is a client program for use with the popular Dropbox online storage service. For more information see the Dropbox Homepage.The DropBox is the simplest way to access files away from the computer. Mark a file as favourite & DropBox will download it & store a replica on your iPad (or iPhone). I use it to read books & reference material ( PDFs mostly) offline, & sync videos when travelling (no cable necessary).

Cloud computing is growing at very fast pace. I use google docs in word and its pretty decent service

Wasnt drop box dying??

Are you kidding ?

It received funding some time back and its a success story

^ I moved to SugarSync since Drop Box didn't natively support folders of your choice (to sync)....

I use dropbox because i already have an account and every one I know have a account. Switching to a new service is not easy ...

For me its serving the purpose