Drivers for CSB cable i bought a data cable for my Samsung D500. The cable i bought is written C S B cable on it. when i connected the cable with my pc (without inserting cable into my phone),it asked me to install drivers for this USB-Serial Controller cable. I googled but in-vain. Now i desperately looking for its drivers since evening. Please help me dear WP expert members. :)

What is your Operating System?

windows XP 2006

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windows XP 2006

First make it clear there is no such thing as Windows Xp 2006, you can categorize it on the basis of Service Packs!

Windows Xp

Windows Xp SP1

Windows Xp SP2

Windows Xp SP2b

Windows Xp SP2c

Windows Xp SP3

I guess the Cable you bought is not a regular USB cable, Its some kind of Unlocking Cable. Can you post images here?

sory bro..... its windows xp sp2...... i wish i could post images but sorry i cant. yes, it doesn't seem to be a regular USB cable coz its central part is a small rectangular box,written CSB on it, and the point from where it connects to the phone is written D410 on it.

It seems like you have bought some other cable. You wanted a simple USB cable for transferring data etc? Those run for about Rs. 150 or so.

Oh.... :(

Just go to the market ask for D500 data cable and then search google for the drivers, and you'll find them for sure.

hmmm...thanks Ahmsun.... but i am amazed and antagonized why cant the shopkeepers be sincere in dealing. he could have told me that this is not a usual data cable.

^They want costumers to keep coming again and again so that they can run their shops :P . That is simple.

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^They want costumers to keep coming again and again so that they can run their shops :P . That is simple.

I dont think Adnan is going back to that shopkeeper after he ripped him. Thats the main problem with our traders mostly. Their mentality is to loot whoever comes to their shop and not deal fairly. They are expert at “customer repulsion” not “customer retention”. :D

@ Adnan

You should try to give him the cable back and get the proper one in exchange. Although I don’t think he’ll take it back and will even refuse to recognise you! :) But still there is no harm in trying.

yes, of course, i am going to return matter he takes it or not. just to realize him that we,the customers, are not "Allah mian ki gaaey" that they can easily swindle us. and surely,i am not gonna be polite at him :)